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Car CrashTulsa is a mid-sized city with the metro area sitting at nearly a million people as of 2011.  The city area itself has only around 400,000 people.  This means that there are a lot of people in the areas surrounding Tulsa.  A lot of cars per capita are found here because of this.

People need car insurance to protect their investment.  Auto Insurance Tulsa was setup to help people find the very best places to buy car insurance in the Tulsa area.

Why you need car insurance?

It is no surprise that auto accidents are responsible for huge financial loss if you are uninsured.  This may include medical bills, the obvious damage to the cars themselves and possibly even legal costs when an attorney gets involved.

Liability Insurance is required by Oklahoma State Law

State law mandates that you carry a minimum of liability insurance.  You don’t want to be stopped for a moving violation and have the police realize you are uninsured.

Of course, liability insurance doesn’t protect your vehicle or your own personal injury in any way.  This is to protect others that you may injure and the vehicles they are driving.

At the time of this writing (2012) the Oklahoma minimum liability insurance is 25/50/25.  The first number on the left represents that you are required to have $25,000 bodily injury liability insurance per person.  The middle number means you need to have $50,000 bodily injury per accident.   And the final number on the right means you are required to have $25,000 property damage liability per accident.

You will need to talk to your Tulsa insurance agent so you can determine what amounts are right for you.  The numbers above are simply the MINIMUM required

You can find out more information about liability insurance for cars on our other pages.

Collision Insurance May be Required by Your Lender

If you financed the purchase of your car you may find that your lender will require collision insurance so that the car is protected.  Since the car is the collateral for the loan they do not want the car to be totaled and then have you walk away from the loan.

And you do not want to owe $30,000 on a car that you can’t drive either.  So collision insurance is very important in high value cars or cars with loans on them.  But even if you have a car that is worth just a few thousand dollars you may want to consider collision insurance.

You may think that “The other person’s liability insurance will cover it!”  That is true providing they have insurance and it has not expired.  Also, their liability insurance does not cover the accident if it is YOUR fault!  That requires collision insurance.

My car accident in a convenience store parking lot

I can tell you from firsthand experience that there are people in Tulsa driving around with no insurance and no driver’s license.  I have been hit by one myself.  Without your own collision insurance this can be a huge problem.

What happened?  I was ready to leave the parking lot but one car was in front of me.  The street we were going to enter was busy.  The man driving the big truck in front of me got impatient and put it into reverse and just backed over the hood of our Mitsubishi Eclipse.

The man did not speak English and his driver’s license was from Texas.  He spoke Spanish though.  It turns out his insurance was “expired” (how convenient) and the Tulsa police would do NOTHING about it.  Ooops!

It was up to me to pay expenses.  The car was inexpensive so it did NOT have collision insurance.  That meant the whole expense was on me.   This could happen to you.  Don’t think it can’t.

This is another thing you will want to talk to your Tulsa auto insurance agent about.  There will be a deductible that varies depending on the price you are willing to pay.  You can find more information about the best auto insurance agency here on

Comprehensive Coverage

This type of coverage is “comprehensive”.  That means that it covers nearly every other type of damage to your car that isn’t accident related.    This might include theft, fire, vandalism, weather related damage (hail, water, etc.)  This has a deductible value that you must agree to which affects the price.

Uninsured Motorist coverage

This insurance covers you personally.  It pays if you are injured  by a hit and run driver.  It also covers you if you are hit by a driver who does not have liability insurance.  In other words it takes the place of the other person’s liability insurance if they did not purchase it.  Keep in mind this only covers you if the other party is at fault and they have no insurance.

More Optional Coverage

There are a number of types of coverage that you may not have heard of before.  One is medical payment coverage (MPC).  It is usually just called “medical” and covers medical and/or funeral expenses for you or others killed in an accident.  This could even be a pedestrian.  Note some of this coverage may overlap your normal medical insurance.

Rental reimbursement coverage pays for a rental car if needed while your car is being repaired after an accident.  This may be purchased with a daily and total maximum.

Towing or Emergency Road Service can cover the towing expenses to get your car to the repair shop.  Again, you need to talk with an auto insurance agent in Tulsa about this.

Each of these items can be covered in more detail.  Be sure to review our other pages on Auto Insurance Tulsa to see other related articles.

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